Back in December, I wrote a blog about the healing yoga of true giving. It emphasized the idea that a gift truly given is a gift received. When given freely, the gift given is therefore a gift to oneself. Gift giving can take many forms, but with healing intent, giving and receiving are one in the same.

This way of giving contradicts worldly thinking. We are programed to give in order “to get,” which brings me to the point of this article—the art of giving to oneself. To the ego, giving to yourself would be perceived as selfish. “How dare you take this time to care for yourself and heal your heart and mind,” the ego valiantly declares. “Think of the others that should come before you!” And the closer you get to feeling good about yourself, the louder the ego shrieks. These false feelings are chosen because they foster the ego’s ideals of separation. The ego knows that once you get a glimpse of your joined, healed Self, you will never go back to it’s old, painful, lonely, desperate ways of being.


Yoga joins. It is a healing path that unites you with Self, healed and whole. How do we practice this? Follow your heart and not the fear. How often do we deny ourselves the simplest niceties? Are they necessary? Of course not. But if they are simple acts of kindness that foster the healing process, why would you deprive yourself of them? The practice of yoga is a gift to yourself. On an ongoing basis, our yoga is to remain watchful for the voice of fear and simply recognize it’s purpose to uphold a separated sense of self. Notice how often this false voice governs your daily thoughts and actions. As you start to recognize the ego, and choose against it, doors will open. Follow your heart and healing will take place and life will become more fulfilling. On a periodic basis, we come to the mat, surrounded by others who share similar intent. And while our paths are deeply personal and unique, we all share the same healing process in body and mind.

Yoga is a gift

We here at Yoga Loft are no different.  We are here to heal through the joining path we call yoga. If there is anything we can do to help you along your way, please let us know. Perhaps it’s help finding the right class or teacher? Maybe it’s help selecting a pricing plan that meets your attendance needs or desires? Perhaps it’s a chat about a recent injury and how yoga might help? Regardless, we are here to help. It is our true gift to you.

Jeff Bailey

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