200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Now is the time to deepen your yoga practice.

Are you exploring the possibility of becoming a yoga teacher? Are you a teacher looking for ways to enhance your skills and reach more people at a deeper level? Perhaps you don’t want to teach at all, but simply want to immerse yourself in the healing nature of yoga?

Join the Yoga Loft community for a transformative experience of self-discovery and growth. This training is about finding and developing the often hidden talent that lies within. Whether you teach yoga professionally or not, the discovery of these inner gifts brings clarity and purpose to life. It’s our dharma! What better way to find our dharma than through a like-minded yoga community? We will live and breathe yoga with daily practice, individual study, group discussion, and experienced-based learning that is sure to elevate your practice and bring meaning to your life. 

What makes this training different than the others?

You will learn how to modify poses to fit any body, including your own. Rather than learning to fit the yoga student to the pose, we teach you to adapt the pose to the needs of the student–regardless of their level of expertise. While you will learn the skills to teach an all-levels class; you will not be taught a formulaic teaching method. You will be taught how to think on your feet and accommodate each student in the room. You will learn to look inside yourself to develop a way of teaching that draws on major life events, injuries, ideas, and passions that not only make you a more curious student, but will also make you a more inspiring teacher. This training is as much about learning new things as it is cultivating the knowledge and talent you already have. It’s not so much what you teach, it’s how you teach it!

Why yoga teacher training?

Do you know what kind of teacher you want to be? Do you have a particular population you intend to work with? Perhaps you have no plans to teach yoga, but want to have a better understanding of what it is and how you can better integrate your yoga practice into your life. Beyond the physical practice of yoga, on some level we are all teachers of yoga. Ultimately, we are drawn to yoga because, aware of it or not, it holds an answer to an inner longing that can’t be found in the external world. Whether you teach or not, this training will bring you closer to the thing we all want most–a sense of purpose and the inner fulfillment it brings.


Instructors: Jeff Bailey and Amanda Botur

yljeffamandaheadJeff Bailey is founder and owner of Yoga Loft. Jeff brings every aspect of his rich and vast experience to Yoga Loft, a yoga school dedicated to the physical and spiritual growth of every student that walks through its doors. He is inspired to share his vision and approach to yoga with teacher trainees. It’s part of the growth process. As an ongoing student himself, he meets each trainee exactly where they are on their path first, so they can learn to do the same. For only then can we each blossom into truly helpful teachers.

Amanda Botur is an Acupuncturist, singer-songwriter, and Kirtan artist. She is a featured teacher on Yoga Today and has led retreats & trainings internationally. Amanda is passionate about getting people connected with their joy and finding their voice. She loves teaching and exploring the healing potential of collective movement and sound to awaken the body, mind and heart. She teaches an Embodied Vinyasa with an emphasis on honoring and listening the body and finding authentic expression from the intelligence within.

Special Guest Instructors: Jon Kolaska, Sarah Hathaway and Dee Marie

Starting in 1985 as an aerobics instructor, Jon Kolaska has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years! Jon is fascinated by the human body, physically, energetically, functionally, etc.  He is a trained and licensed acupuncture physician,  as well as Forrest yoga instructor. Jon’s dedication to the joy of fitness continues today through his love of Tango and the daily hikes he takes with his dog, Sky.


Sarah Hathaway enjoys guiding students along the transformative journey of yoga. With a background in Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, Sarah adapts her teaching to meet the needs of her students. She hopes to provide a space to deepen and expand into a more grounded and uplifted state of embodiment. She thanks her teachers Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, Tim Miller, and countless others.

Dee Marie brings her extensive education and experience in dance, yoga therapy, sports training, child and motor development, exercise therapy, relaxation and meditation to the training. Along with all of this, she will share her deep understanding and practical application of Ayurveda. Dee has pioneered an international yoga for kids program called Calming Kids. She has shared the gift of yoga with countless children by opening the hearts and minds of school teachers and administrators to the calming power of yoga. Dee will be teaching an additional “Yoga for Kids” module as an add-on to this 200-Hour training.

Join us as we journey toward the clarity that brings more purpose and happiness to a lifetime.

Part 1 – A 100-hour yoga-training program that will offer in-depth education in yoga philosophy, asana, alignment, and anatomy. This foundational training will help you clarify yoga’s role in your life.

Part 2 – An additional 100 hours of yoga training that will help explore how you can utilize your unique life experiences to uncover your gifts as a teacher. You will graduate as a certified instructor with the confidence to teach a solid all-levels Vinyasa class, along with the necessary knowledge and skills to share your practice with the world.

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Questions? Email Hannah Cunha or call her at 619-569-0167 to answer any questions or set up an enrollment interview. The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and answer any questions that you may have about the training. We want to ensure this training is fulfilling for everyone.

200-HOUR CERTIFICATION: Three Payment Options

Regular Fee: $2500
($500 Deposit)

Enroll by 6/14/2016 and save $300!
($500 Deposit)

Auto Draft Financing: $400 per month for 5-months
($340 per month with Early Bird Registration)

Dates:  August – December 2016
August 26-28
September 9-11
September 23-25
October 7-9
October 28-30
November 18-20
December 2-4 (Add-on weekend for CALMING KIDS Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification $395. Taken separately $455)

Weekend Format:
Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
(There is a 1-hour lunch break each day.)

**All participants enjoy unlimited yoga at Yoga Loft throughout the training!



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