Have you ever really considered what a yoga practice promises you? Of course, its promise is only as good as your practice, but yoga always delivers. Like a good friend, yoga is always there, waiting with open arms. It demands very little, but sometimes it expects a lot, and that’s OK. After all, even the best of friends have standards!
Yoga Post
What does yoga promise? You may have your own list, but options are at the top of mine. As hard as we try, we cannot escape the aging process and gravity’s effects on us. As long as you are willing to practice, yoga promises physical options. This promise does not require you to put both feet behind your head. Imagine if your primary goal were to maintain your current degree of flexibility for the rest of your life! That would be quite an accomplishment!
For those with more ambition, yoga promises increased strength, balance, and poise. At a more spiritual level, yoga promises more inner peace and joy. Yoga promises companionship and personal growth through gentle challenge. Best of all, like a good friend, yoga expects no promise from you…it just waits patiently for you to show up and listen.