“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”


It’s really easy to feel like you’re not ____ enough. You might think you’re not tall enough. Pretty enough. Funny enough. Strong enough. Good enough. Whatever it is, most people have one.

To some degree, people can change. Real change comes first from your thoughts, then is transferred to your actions, then it becomes your destiny and your reality. It all starts with you. Once you believe that you are enough, others will believe it too.

How to remind yourself you are enough:

1. Surround yourself with positive people. While your friends don’t define you, they can certainly influence how you feel about yourself and others. People who are negative or angry tend to bring those traits out in the people they spend time with. People who are positive and happy tend to attract and encourage those traits in their friends. When you’re happy, you feel more complete.

2. Start a gratitude journal. It can be really simple: I am grateful for how well I did on my science test today. Or it can be really big: I am grateful that I ne

ver have to be hungry. When you write down or verbalize your gratitude for things you already have in your life, you don’t need to want as much. You’re already whole with what you have.

3. Find your fears and squish them. Being afraid of something can make people do funny things. Vincent Van Gogh said, “If you hear a voice inside you saying, ‘you are not a painter,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” In the same way, if you are consciously afraid of trying out for a play, try out for it.

Then you’ve conquered your fear and the very worst that happened was that you didn’t make it. You’re stronger from the experience and can learn from your actions and emotions. Fear squished.

4. Let go of negativity. To do this, any thought or sentence that contains “can’t,” “shouldn’t,” or “couldn’t” needs to be omitted from your vocabulary. When you recognize a negative thought creeping up, find the opposite, positive version of that same thought. “I can’t do this problem,” suddenly turns into “I can do this problem with some guidance.”

5. Choose to be happy. Every thought and feeling you have is a choice. If someone says something mean to you, you alone have the opportunity to interpret that something. You could feel bad for the rest of the day or take out your frustration onto someone else. Or you could realize that the person who was being mean is probably himself unhappy and it really doesn’t relate to you at all. You chose the action of happiness over the reaction of frustration or anger.

Want to learn more? Join us for a Teen/Tween Girls Yoga and Healthy Living Workshop at Yoga Loft on Sunday, March 16. You’ll learn some yoga poses, ways to deal with stressful emotions, how to eat well and be happy with yourself in all aspects. You are enough, let’s uncover why.